Sandmaster Pro

Highly advanced dustless sandblasting machine with a closed abra- sive circuit equipped with a complex system of double separation of abrasive, dust filtration and filter cleaning system. The machine is recommended for large companies that produce over 150 tomb- stone annually, and for customers, who value high comfort and work efficiency.


  • High efficiency, average time on tombstone sandblasting is 10 minutes
  • Advanced engineering solutions, such as self regulating abrasive valve
  • Pneumatic system of shaking off the dust from the filter
  • Cyclone system of separation and filtration
  • Electro-pneumatic control system
  • Easy to disassemble and transport
  • Decompression system that lower the pressure in tank in a few seconds
  • Low air consumptions, just 900 l/ min
  • Vacuum power 2400 W