Sandmaster Elite

Sandmaster Elite is the larger and more efficient equivalent of Sandmaster Pro. It is the most technologically advanced dust-free sandblaster on the market.  It is intended for continuous operation – Compared to SM PRO, it allows for longer work time thanks to a larger (100 liter) tank. It is equipped with a larger abrasive tank and an adequately stronger extraction system. It is especially recommended for companies with large throughputs and those who value high work comfort and efficiency. Its technological advancement, resulting from many years of experience in the production of sandblasters, ensures the highest quality and efficiency of sandblasting. The machine is equipped with high-quality equipment that guarantees long-term durability and failure-free operation. Sandmaster Elite has a cyclonic system for triple separation and filtration of abrasives, which allows a significant part of dust to be separated from the circulation. Also it’s equipped with a pneumatic filter shaking system, thanks to which the filter can be cleaned of excess impurities without having to remove it. This sandblasting machine has an electro-pneumatic control system and a decompression system that reduces the pressure in the tank in a few seconds.


  • High efficiency, average time on tombstone sandblasting is 10 minutes
  • Advanced engineering solutions, such as self regulating abrasive valve
  • Pneumatic system of shaking off the dust from the filter
  • Cyclone system of separation and filtration
  • Electro-pneumatic control system
  • Easy to disassemble and transport


  • Decompression system that lower the pressure in tank in a few seconds
  • Air consumptions:  nozzle 6 mm up to 1200 l/ min
  • Vacuum power: 2,2 kW three-phase 400 V 
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Working pressure: 1÷5 bar
  • Recommended working pressure 3,5 bar
  • Recommended abrasive: 40’ fused alumina for stone sandblasting
  • Weight:  440 kg
  • Dimension: height: 200 cm, width: 150, depth: 130 cm