Sandmaster Compact

Pressure dust-free sandblaster with a cyclone for dust separation, pneumatic sandblasting control. Dedicated to processing stone, glass and ceramics. Recommended for small and medium-sized companies and wherever space in the plant is limited. Equipped with a separate 1200 W vacuum cleaner for connection to a 220 V socket. Sandblasting head equipped with 4mm boron carbide nozzle, rubber protection prevents wear of the aluminum casting. Abrasive and extraction hoses with increased abrasion resistance, 2.5 meters long. Hose from the vacuum cleaner to the sandblaster, 2 meters. Recommended operating pressure 3 bar, air demand 650 l/min. Possibility of operation up to 5 bar limited by a safety valve.


  • Pressure tank with a capacity of 10 liters.
  • The strainer in the tank prevents the nozzle from being clogged with small waste or pieces of foil.
  • Weight 30 kg without abrasive in the tank.
  • Easy to transport thanks to the wheels.
  • Compact dimensions make the machine suitable for plants with limited available space.