Autoblaster PLC

AUTOBLASTER PLC has been designed for fully automatic sandblasting tombstones and glass surfaces with electrically- controlled sandblasting machine connected to it. All processing parameters and the parameters of the device are shown on the PLC SIEMENS SCREEN. The device does not require any special knowledge or skills from the operator, whose work is limited to marking working fields and defining parameters in attached software.


  • Automatic control of the whole sandblasting process
  • Numerical control of Z axis allowing for sandblasting uneven surfaces
  • Possibility of multi-area sandblasting
  • Repetition of operations
  • Reports about the lack of abrasive in the sandblasting machine
  • Software governing the work of the table and the sandblasting machine installed in PLC controlling box
  • High maneuvering speed, even up to 10 cm/s
  • Possibility to adjust the table to any dustless sandblasting machine which has specific parameters
  • Thanks to modular construction upgrade can be implemented by operator
  • Standard working area 1200×1200 mm

Machines in factory: