Photomaster is one of the most innovative and precise engraving machines on global market. Dedicated to stone and glass industry. It was created to make extremely precise images and designs on tomb slabs, metal materials or glass surfaces. As one of the few, we developed software which adjusts the impact of a stylus to a given tone in the grayscale. It means that Photomaster is now able to engrave given elements with various force which allowed to improve such engraving parameters as depth of picture, clearer halftones, small graphic details, that is clothes pattern, jewellery, eyes.

  • Adjusts the impact of a diamond dresser to a given tone in the grayscale
  • Photomaster have stable construction which allows to engrave large slabs
  • Photomaster have 100×100 cm effective printing area
  • Can be used on any stone of any color, regardless of imperfections the stone may have
  • Connects easily to laptop with windows system
  • Etches any kind of pattern, picture, image etc.
  • Installation can be provided as comprehensive manuals and video training
  • Remote assistance via web connection
  • Possibility of picture preparation by graphic software specialists
  • Printing resolution 158 DPI
  • Voltage: 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Weight 150 kg